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How To Bid


Bidding online is much the same as bidding for an item in an auction room in the real world. But for those who have not taken part in an online auction this page will address how the process works. We have broken it down in to some bite-size sections for you:

  1. Bidding
  2. Big Ticket Preview
  3. Tracking your own bidding history
  4. Have I won?

The one interesting feature to note on our site is that bidding updates in real time. This means you do not have to reload or refresh the page to find out what the current highest bid is. The page will update automatically every three seconds. This means your winning and losing status will be updated in real time as bids are entered by other users against your own bids.


The most important part of an auction is the bidding. This online auction site works as a forward auction. This means bidding for an item starts with an opening price determined by the auctioneer and bids are placed by bidders in increments above the previous bid. At the end of the auction, the highest bid wins.

To bid in the first place you have to register with us. This means we know who you are and that you understand and accept our terms & conditions. Once your registration has been accepted you can begin bidding.

Bidding is made in the form of an "auto bid" which sets a maximum amount you wish to bid to. The website will then automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid, making sure you stay ahead of the bidding automatically.

Big Ticket Preview

The Big Ticket Preview section contains some of the most prized lots in our auction. Bids can be made as normal up until the date and time stated on each respective item page, at which point online bidding will 'freeze' so that it can continue in person at our live event.

Tracking your own bidding history

If you wish to concentrate on just the lots you are bidding on go to the history section and track those items. This means you will be able to focus on bidding on those items you are not winning. The history page will update in real time as bidding progresses.

Have I won?

Once the auction has finished you will want to know whether you have won or lost the items you were interested in purchasing. You can go to the history page and you will see the finished items now have "won" in green or "lost" in red above the bidding panel instead of the previous "winning" or "losing" indicators.

If you have won an item, you will also now see a link to "Pay with PayPal or Debit/Credit card". Clicking on this will take you through to a secure Paypal page where you can choose to log in with an existing account and use your stored details, or enter other payment information if you either do not have an account or want to use different details.

If you would like to arrange alternate payment methods, please contact us to discuss this. Please be aware that if payment is not received within a reasonable timeframe, we may have to cancel your bid and the next-highest bidder will become the winner. In such a case, we will of course contact you before passing on any lots, so please ensure your account details are accurate and up-to-date.